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For more than three decades, Grafton residents have trusted their oral health to Veltri, Day & Veltri, practicing family dentistry for Taylor County, WV. Our dental staff is friendly, helpful, and does its best to protect and enhance your teeth and gums. For everything from general tooth cleaning to tooth whitening and extraction, our dentists work hard for you. Our dental office is located nearby in Clarksburg, WV, and we always accept new patients from Taylor County and the surrounding areas. Call us at (304) 622-8001 or contact us online today for more information. 

Crowns, Dentures, and Gum Treatments for Flemington, WV, Residents

If you live in the Flemington, WV, area, or any of the surrounding communities in Taylor County, you should trust your oral health to the experienced family dentists at Veltri, Day & Veltri. With more than 30 years of experience, our dentists have worked on behalf of countless Taylor County residents, brightening their smiles through a variety of dental care practices. Whether you want that bigger, brighter smile of your dreams or need dental appliances like crowns or dentures, the dentists at Veltri, Day & Veltri have you covered. Call today and ask about our dental services, including:

Ask Our Dentists About How They Can Help Your Taylor County Family

Have you been taking your oral health for granted lately? If you live in the Taylor County, WV, area, Veltri, Day & Veltri is here for you. Located in Clarksburg, WV, our experienced family dentists have worked with many Taylor County patients. We can do anything from teeth whitening to dental bridges. We also specialize in crowns and dentures. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, our friendly dental staff can arrange that. We look forward to working with you to improve your oral health. Veltri, Day & Veltri is your choice for family dentistry for Taylor County, WV.