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For many Doddridge County, WV residents, a viable dental option is just down the road in Clarksburg. The qualified dentists at Veltri, Day & Veltri have over three decades of experience in dealing with everything from cavity fillings to dentures and crowns. We are the top family dentistry in the area and serve patients from all over West Virginia, including Doddridge County the surrounding counties. There is no better time to get started with our dentists than today. We are always taking new patients, so do not hesitate to get your oral health back on track. Call our dental staff at (304) 622-8001 or contact us online for more information. 

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Taking care of your teeth and oral health is one of the most important things you can do with the rest of your body. The way you breathe, eat, and speak are all affected by the type of oral care you receive. If you live in Belington, WV, you have a viable option for your oral health in Clarksburg with the dentists at Veltri, Day & Veltri. Whether you need gum treatments, bridges, or crowns, you should come to Veltri, Day & Veltri. We offer the following services and procedures to our patients in Belington: 

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For over three decades, Doddridge County residents have been trusting the dentists from Veltri, Day & Veltri in Clarksburg, WV with their dental needs. Just a short drive down the road, Veltri, Day & Veltri can do the necessary procedures to enhance and maintain your oral health. If you have a cavity, we can fill that! If you need a tooth extraction, we can do that and craft a customized crown to replace it. If you need dentures, we offer custom dentures and same-day dentures for you too. If you have any questions about our dental services or would like to take the first step to better oral health, give our dentists a call today!